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We’re so glad you’ve stopped by. Two Lights is a collaboration between friends who happen to be photographers: Sheena Ratliff and Lily O’Malley, along with some awesome supporting staff. We’ve both been in business under different names for years (Lensflare, Lily Photography, Paddy & Lily)  but decided that “two are better than one” in late 2011.  And that really is true of us. We go together like peanut butter and jelly, very different but bringing out something great in the other.


Q: How Did You Meet?

Lily: This is funny. I honestly can’t remember how we met. When I really love a friend I often don’t remember the beginning because it feels like we should have always known each other.

Sheena: Your answers is already sounding better then mine. We met at a guild meeting and I thought Paddy was your brother!lol You were quiet and for along time I heard about this “lily” girl in town and you were a mystery to me.


Q: What is like when you both work together?

Sheena: Photo magic!

She makes up for what I lack. I have total peace and I am really at ease when I know Lily has my back.

Lily: It is really great working with someone who is just as passionate as you are but has a different eye. Sheena pushes and inspires me and I think we come up with things we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Q:Why leave both your businesses behind to collaborate and has it been a challenge to partner up?

Sheena: I can tell you why it’s a great idea, but I can’t really tell you how it all came to be, but I know that God works that way. He lined everything up for both of us to meet and to work together. We didn’t even know what was going on. Totally feel like I have been put on another planet when it all went down. It seemed so unattainable to even have such an amazing person to share this crazy business with and to have it be Lily is super awesome. We weren’t really grasping for anything, but patiently waiting for one another without knowing it. Easiest transition ever. Again, Lily makes up for what I lack! She knows and can do things I cannot. She fills in the blanks. My life has been richer and fuller because of this change.

Lily: Although it was a big decision it was not a hard one at all. We had shot for one another as second shooters a few times, always having such great experiences. We shot a really special wedding together in the Fall of 2011. When we left that I knew we were going to collaborate. If I had thought about it even the day before I think it would shocked me. But after that day, with that seed God had planted to make it happen, it seemed very natural and easy. Partnering has infused a freshness into everything from shooting to accounting. And because we are so different, we can each allow the other to focus on tasks that we are good at. It has been amazing! 


Q: Do you shoot every session together?

A. No, we don’t. Beach and family sessions, for example, will almost always be shot by just one of us unless it’s a big group.

To find out all the great details on how this all came about, please feel free to check out the blog!



Associate Photographers:

Paddy O’Malley

Paddy is Lily’s husband of 13 years and a creative force behind Two Lights Photography. He manages SEO, builds sets and styles sessions, moves heavy things, and is an awesome photographer in his own right. He is amazingly fun and makes everyone laugh! He is a magnet for children and is a master at bringing out the beauty of relationships. He has photographed professionally since 2008. He specializes in Beloved and couples sessions, though he has been known to rock some fun and creative kids and family shoots.  He “retired” from full time shooting in 2012, but still takes sessions during the busy summer and fall months and by special request (yes, he does have his own fan club). He will most likely be wearing his trademark sweater vest no matter what season it is!



Sheena and Lily have each won numerous awards from their local photography guild, including Sheena’s 2011 Best in Show Image. Sheena has been published in Southern Weddings and VIE magazine.

Lily was awarded two Accolades of Excellence in the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International  2011 print competition. Lily has been published on The Beloved Movement blog, and have been featured on the covers of Coastal Christian Magazine, Green Child Magazine, and Southern Child Magazine.

Paddy has been published in Green Child Magazine and Southern Child Magazine, and Published on The Beloved Movement national blog.

We are professional standing members of the Professional Photographers of America, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and the Northwest Section of Florida Professional Photographers. 


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