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two lights owner sheena ratliffHi! Sheena here co founder of Two Lights.
When I picked up a camera over 15 years ago
I would have never imagined it would have
developed (pun completely intended)
into such a beautiful journey.

My heart is to truly to serve those around me well
and I love showing clients through my lens
just how God sees them!

I also do that with my words and actions.
When I'm not behind my camera
you will find me serving and caring
for those around me through different avenues.
I'm married to my high school sweetheart of 17 years
and we have 3 beautiful children ages 14,11, and 9.
I would love to meet you and your family!
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two lights owner sheena ratliffI'm Lily, co-owner of Two Lights.
My journey with photography started
almost 30 years ago as a teen in 4-H,
turning into a career when I was hired by a
beach photographer during college.

I love making connections with clients,
and watching children and families grow
in front of my lens!

My goal is always to glorify God and
point back to Him. Photography allows me
to do that through creating
memories for my clients that showcase their
family's unique story & blessings.
I have been married to my sweet hubby for
22 years and am mama (via adoption!)
to three amazing little boys, ages 8, 4, and 2.

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Our Story



Two Lights is a collaboration between friends who happen to be photographers! Sheena and Lily were owned separate photography studios for several years but decided that "two are better than one" in late 2011. We absolutely love our local area, and feel blessed to be able to work along the beautiful beaches of 30a, Destin and the surrounding towns.



Q: What is like when you both work together?

Sheena: We compliment each other so well!

She makes up for what I lack. I have total peace and I am really at ease when I know Lily has my back.

Lily: It is really great working with someone who is just as passionate as you are but has a different eye. Sheena pushes and inspires me and I think we come up with things we wouldn't have otherwise.


Q: So many photographers go it alone, what makes the Two Lights team- and your partnership specifically- so special?


Sheena: When this question was asked over 10 years ago..I didn't know how to answer it properly. I can tell you now that when I was struggling managing toddlers and a baby...Lily kept us going. I can tell you that with every adoption and even failed adoption that Lily walked through..I kept us going. See.. we helped one another through many seasons and "if one falls down, her/his friend can help her/him up." When our husbands lost their jobs in different seasons...we kept each other going. When a pandemic hit and we didn't know what the future would hold..we sought the Lord and He eased our minds. Honestly, God held us and He put us together because He already went before us and saw exactly what we needed. Two Lights has grown with us and it has also grown us as individuals. The path was unknown, but we believed with each step into the mystery of it all that God was leading us. He continues to do that each day and our business continues to be exactly what it needs to be for the season we're in. We're Christ followers, Wives to our loving husbands and Mothers to our beautiful blessings. I can't say that we always had those in the right order all the time, but we kept each other accountable because that's how God planned it. With much more wisdom we look to the future that still always feels like a mystery, but our maker has been so good to us and we can honestly speak from a place we know..we were never meant to do life alone and perhaps that includes business. I consider our partnership very special.


Lily: Forming Two Lights was a big decision, but it was not a hard one at all! We had shot for each other a few times, always having such great experiences. We shot a really special wedding together in the Fall of 2011. When we left that I knew we were going to collaborate. If I had thought about it even the day before I think it would shocked me. But after that day, with that seed God had planted to make it happen, it seemed very natural and easy. Seven years later I can truly say that my partnership and friendship with Sheena has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.


Q: As the Two Lights family has grown and the team expanded, what has been the best part of the growth?


A.If you told us many years ago that we would have the opportunity to offer other women positions in our company..we would have not believed you. We have been blessed to add several women who just so happen to be Moms as well. It’s inspiring and encouraging to know that the same love and care they have for their families overflows to their Two Lights family as well. Every lady that has been added to our team has brought beauty, innovation, laughter and joy. God has really knitted together our team of women and we could not be more proud of the work we produce for you. Lily and I have always wanted to be able to send out on a shoot a piece of us with each photographer. They are the best of us going out and loving on all of you. We have always prayed for the right people to come into our business and we believe they have been hand picked by God. Watching our business have this ripple effect of providing income for other Mothers who want that extra time with their babies has been such a blessing. Our prayer is to continue growing and let God lead the way.










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