A Heavenly Inspired Beach Session

We love a good shoreline that’s flat and reflects the water. If you have worked with us before or maybe you have been admiring our work from afar, we look for flat shorelines, so we can create what we call “walking on water” or “a heavenly perspective.” What would it look like to walk above the clouds? What would it feel like to walk on water or find yourself in a watercolor painting? When your family is reflected in the water it brings a completely different perspective. This session is what heavenly dreams are made of and we could not be more excited to share it with you.

The Milam Family -Double Rainbow Sunset

Along the emerald coast we have storms that rush in and they can be unpredictable at times. We truly never know what type of sky they will produce, but we stuck it out as the storm was coming in. Look at the gorgeous double rainbow that popped up towards the end.

Sometimes the reward for a job well done is allowing the kids to jump in the water! We love these moments!

The Hutto Family Beach Portraits

We cannot even begin to tell you how much fun we had with the Hutto family. We met them at their beach home in Santa Rosa Beach located along 30a in the quaint little community of Watersound right next to Alys Beach and Rosemary beach. Watersound is what we call “A Coastal Village,” and has the best of both worlds: abundant amenities in a well-designed, thoughtfully planned community surrounded by towering pines reaching the shores of Lake Powell. If you haven’t toured Watersound we highly recommend it. We’re excited for another season of portraits! Be sure to contact us today to book your upcoming family vacation portraits!

The Portis Family Beach Reunion

The Portis family visited us a few years back when they vacationed in Miramar Beach located right next to Destin and we could not be more thrilled to have them visit us again. I say visit because that’s what it feels like when we see our returning clients. It feels as if we’re apart of the family reunion too! This time around we met on 30a in Santa Rosa Beach and I’m telling you I LOVE the energy this family brings! Keep scrolling to see all the love and silliness.

santa rosa beach family portraits

4 Ways Stormy Days Can Benefit Your 30A Beach Photography Session

Two Kids play on the beach in Rosemary Beach FLorida with a pink and purple sunset by 30a photographer two lights photography

Florida weather- nothing is more of a fickle friend to us as 30a photographers. More than once we have been forced to retreat under the eaves of the shops during sessions in Rosemary Beach, or ran to the Pensacola Pavilion in Seaside. Thank goodness for tough Nikon cameras! When the day of your shoot arrives, rain can be a major bummer. Together the five of us have seen just about every kind of weather Destin and 30A can throw our way!

1. Cooler Session Time Temps. Summer Storms nearly always clear by 6pm, dropping the 98 degree daytime temps to by a good 10-20 degrees.

2. Fewer Crowds. A good afternoon thunderstorm can clear the really popular beaches like Santa Rosa Beach Florida (Seaside, Watercolor, Grayton Beach, Rosemary and Destin) and give us alot more pristine white Florida beach to play on as session time!

3. Naptime! Our daily Summer Storms usually take place right at nap time! So plan for heading to the beach in the morning with your littles and let the rain lull them to sleep for a good nap before our session. Even older kids may enjoy some quite time after all the vacation activity.

4. Gorgeous Painted Skies! Without question – its the stormy days that turn into the most magnificent sunsets! Check out this amazing transformation during a cloudy Rosemary Beach photography session. The clouds give way to brilliant painted skies!

This stunning Rosemary Beach Sunset was captured by Sheena during a cloudy September shoot in South Walton. Our sweet client Maria had planned an session to take place at Alys Beach and finish on the beautiful white sand in Rosemary Beach. The session started with threatening rain and thick clouds.

family of 4 photographed by rosemary beach photographer Sheena

Which gave way to this…..

Pink & Purple Skies behind a family of 4 in a Rosemary Beach Session by Rosemary Beach Photographer Two Lights Photography

So when do we, as seasoned 30a Photographers, cancel a beach portrait? Lightning (even with no rain) means we have to reschedule! Lighting in Florida is dangerous and we want to keep our clients as safe as possible! Active heavy rain when session time is set to begin is another reason we reschedule sometimes. This area from Destin through Panama City Beach is famous for 5 minute rain showers, so we play this by ear. The great thing is with our team of talented photographers, we can reschedule your session for a better day during your vacation 98% of the time!

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